Search Engine Submission By Meta Tune

There are several ways that Meta Tune can ensure that your web sites have more visitors. This page has details on the packages available from Meta Tune for submitting web sites to search engines. The options for web site promotion from Meta Tune are described under the images below. Please look at the Meta Tune Promote web page for details of how to compose a package that is best suited to your needs.

There are many major search engines, each of which has an individual approach to indexing and ranking web pages. It is essential that web pages have been prepared with correct meta-tags before a web site is submitted to a search engine, otherwise a web site can be rejected or have a poor ranking. The meta-tags page on this web site has details of this service.


Free Search Engines

It costs nothing to submit to some search engines (like Alta Vista, Fast, Google, Lycos), but most take many weeks or even months to accept a new web site. Most search engines have an option that can result on a listing within a few days, but at a price. Meta Tune use a third party company that specialises in submitting web sites to search engines. This normally results in a much faster listing than the manual approach, and results in listings on more than 100 other search engines and web directories.

Subscription Search Engines

Many search engines are now subscription only (like LookSmart), and more will join the list. It is possible to manually submit a web site to a subscription search engine, but this can be time consuming and costly. Several search engines and directories take their feeds from Pay-Per-Click companies like Overture and Miva. Use of PPC is recommended to get the best coverage on directories and search engines.


Search Engine Packages from Meta Tune
Meta Tune arrange for a one off submission of a web site to more than 300 search engines and directories. The cost from Meta Tune is £10 plus VAT or $18 per web site. A refresh is recommended at least every 3 months.

Enhanced Listings

There are millions of web sites indexed by search engines. One way of making a web site stand out from the crowd is to purchase an enhanced listing. This will normally result in a listing above the standard web sites, and an icon or image can normally be added to give more prominence. An enhanced listing normally gives a reduction in the time taken to get a listing, plus of more frequent spidering of the content and update of the search engine listing. Meta Tune can advise which search engines are the best value for money.