Internet and Conventional Marketing with Meta Tune

There are several ways that Meta Tune can ensure that your web sites have more visitors. This page has details on the options available from Meta Tune for managing Internet and conventional marketing. Meta Tune believe that the marketing and promotion of a web site has to be viewed in the context of the total marketing effort. A company web site should be aligned with the image and the philosophy of the company being represented.


Directories are an obvious choice to market the services of most companies. In the United Kingdom, Yellow Pages and Thomson produce both hard copy and web based directories. A free listing is available on both these directories. Enhanced listings or adverts may be required to generate a reasonable amount of business from a directory, but at a cost.

Advertising in Newspaper and Magazines

This can be expensive, but can reach a large number of potential customers. Specialist magazines and regional newspapers are often better value that national publications.

Direct Marketing by E-Mail

Marketing by E-Mail can encourage potential customers to visit your web site, but careful targeting is required to avoid low response rates. Many businesses do not have the time or money to do there own direct marketing by E-Mail or telephone. For smaller companies, use of specialist direct marketing companies may be more cost effective.

Stationary and Brochures

A web site is a very useful point of contact for any marketing campaign, so the URL of the company web site should appear on as many items of stationary, brochures and literature as possible. Potential customers should be able to gain enough information about the business from the web site to decide that it is worth making direct contact.

Tracking Results
With any marketing campaign, it is important to be able to do a cost benefit analysis. When a potential customer is in contact by telephone, fax or E-Mail, one of the first questions for them should be :- How did you find out about us?

Meta Tune can assist in tracking results of marketing campaign by performing detailed analysis of log files of web sites. Meta Tune can also gather data from questionnaires and web logs to assemble a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of marketing.