Managing Pay Per Click Services with Meta Tune

There are several ways that Meta Tune can ensure that your web sites have more visitors. This page has details on the services available from Meta Tune for managing pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) services. The options for web site promotion from Meta Tune are described below.

Pay-per-click services involve advance payment to secure a number of hits or click through's to a web site. If there are dozens or hundreds of companies offering similar services, pay-per-click is a useful way of trapping visitors that would probably not otherwise find the web site. One or several combinations of keywords or phrases can be selected that potential customers are likely to use. The choice of keywords and phrases is crucial. It is pointless paying for people to visit your web site if they are unlikely to need your services.

There will be a cost per click for each keyword or phrase that will depend on marketability. If several companies are competing in the same market, they are likely to be competing for the same keywords. The cost per click can be anything from 10p to 150p ($0.06 to $2.30) or more, but the cost can easily be offset by the increase in sales.

It is essential that web pages have been prepared with good content and with valid meta-tags before a web site is marketed using pay per click services, otherwise visitors may be discouraged. The meta-tags page on this web site has details of this service. There are several companies that offer pay per click services. These are listed below.

Overture has agreements with search engines and directories in more than 16 countries. The larger countries include the USA, UK. One account is required with Overture for each target country.
Miva has agreements with search engines and directories in several countries in Europe, including the UK. One account is required with Miva for each target country. Miva was formerly known as Espotting.
Google AdWords allows keywords to be limited to specific languages or countries, or to be run globally. A campaign on Google Adwords can be active within 30 minutes of being created.
More details about Pay-Per-Click campaigns are available for download in the document More About PPC Campaigns.

Meta Tune can create pay-per-click campaigns and advise on the selection of keywords and phrases that will attract users to your web site to meet the required budget. The costs are listed below.

1 campaign for £30 plus VAT (or US$54)
2 campaigns for £55 plus VAT (or US$99)
3 campaigns for £80 plus VAT (or US$144)

The cost of running a campaign will depend on the number of keywords purchased and the cost of the keywords. Please contact us for details. A regular review of bids is recommended to keep bids competitive at reasonable prices. The review period can range from weekly to monthly. Meta Tune can manage campaigns on your behalf to achieve a target spend. This includes adding new keywords and amending descriptions.