The Meta Tune Approach to Promoting Web Sites

Meta Tune web promotion services ensure the maximum target audience for the budget available. For the best return, we recommend that promotion of web sites is integrated with conventional marketing. The balance of spend will depend on the area of business and the target market.

There are a bewildering number of ways of promotion for web sites, and plenty of money can spent. Meta Tune offer consultancy to recommend the best way of promoting a web site, including use of search engines, web directories, subscription and premium services, Pay Per Click and banner adverts and . Please click on the images below for more details on the options available. Prices start from as little as £10 plus VAT (or US$18).

The quickest and most effective method of increasing the number of visitors to a web site is to use a mix of Pay Per Click campaigns.

Meta Tune have packages of options for submitting web sites to search engines.

Meta Tune advise on how to get your web site listed on appropriate web directories

For the larger business, campaigns using banner adverts can reach the target market.


Meta Tune works with owners of web sites to help them decide on the most effective way of promoting a web site. The best approach will depend on the budget available, but will normally include a combination of the above options. When a site is created, it can take several weeks to get a listing on search engines, and more weeks before the web site achieves a reasonable ranking. Below are estimates for promotion to take effect. Pay-per-click is an obvious choice to kick start a web site or to have boost the number of page views and hits in a short period.


    Standard search engines - 4 to 12 weeks
    Subscription search engines - 2 to 7 days
    Web directory listings - 2 to 6 weeks
    Pay per click - 0 to 5 days
    Banner advertisements - 1 to 2 weeks
    Direct marketing - 1 to 2 weeks

The Internet changes continually, but slowly. Depending on the activity in your sector of the market, a monthly or quarterly review is recommended to ensure a web site maintains a prominent position against other businesses in the same market.

Meta Tune provide a money back warranty that the number of visitors and page views will be increased as a result of promoting your web site. Can you afford not to Meta Tune your web site?

Web Site Owners - Are you unhappy with the amount of business generated by your web site? Please contact us if you would like an independent assessment of how to improve the effectiveness of your web site.