Meta Tune Monitoring of Website Positioning

The Internet changes continually, but slowly. Regular monitoring and optimization is required to ensure that a web site at least maintains position against competitor sites. Depending on the activity in your sector of the market, a monthly or quarterly review is recommended to ensure a web site maintains a prominent position against other businesses in the same market.

Use of Pay-Per-Click campaigns is now a must have for many businesses. PPC campaigns need to be monitored along with the target web sites to ensure effective operation of campaigns and the web site. The availability of a web site is important, but when PPC is being used it is most important to aim for a high availability of the target web sites.


Meta Tune work with customers to define some keywords that will be used to measure the increase in search engine positioning. The keywords will normally be core to the business, so for a company specialising in translations, the keywords could be "document translation" and "technical translation".

On a regular basis, reports are run that extract the ranking of the keywords in selected search engine listings. Other businesses in the same market are checked to ensure a competitive position is maintained.

Adjustments are defined for web page content that will result an improved search engine positioning. Meta-tag description and keywords are optimized to match web page content that has been added or removed.

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