Designing Successful Web Sites With Meta Tune

The Meta Tune design approach creates custom web sites with content and structure that are attractive to search engines. Many web designers create web sites that are visually attractive, but which are difficult for search engines to index. Many web sites utilise frames, these allow a web page to be constructed from more than one HTML file, but unless care is taken, use of frames often result in poor indexing by search engines. Web sites implemented using Flash or ShockWave have strong visual impact, but unless care is taken will be poorly indexed by search engines.

Meta Tune runs checks on web sites and proposes custom web page design changes that will result in search engines giving a more complete and effective indexing. Depending on the budget available, changes can range from minor enhancements of a web site through to major reorganisation including splitting of content into linked web sites.

Meta Tune works with web design companies to help them build web sites that are attractive to search engines as well as visitors. We also help customers get the most out of their current investment in web technology. The information below has details of the Meta Tune approach to creating a successful web site.

Meta Tune works with the customer to agree the objectives of the web site including the products, services and target market.

Meta Tune performs a detailed analysis of the structure and content of the web site, then proposes changes to meet the requirements.

Meta Tune gathers statistics on the usage of the web site over the past 3 months. Reports are generated to show the number of page views, hits and number of distinct visitors per month.

After agreement of scope, cost and timescales, Meta Tune make changes to the content, structure and navigation to make the web site friendly to search engines. Meta-tags are enhanced to complement the revised content.

Meta Tune gathers statistics on the usage of the web site every month. Web sites should not be static, so refinements and adjustments should be made regularly to ensure a high ranking in search engines.

Domain Names

Meta Tune recommend planning ahead by reserving domain names for future use. Domain names should be reserved for brands and product names to allow web sites to be created in the future. Consideration should be given on use of national domain names (, .us, .ca) and/or global domain names (.biz, .com, .net). Meta Tune advise on the most suitable strategy for use of domain domain names and can register new domain names.

A redirect can be used to point more than one domain name to one web site. A common mistake is for a user to assume a .com instead of, or a instead of a .com. Reserving of both national and global domain names minimises confusion for customers and reduces risk of the entering the wrong web site.

Splitting Web Sites
Use of more than one web site for a business allows web sites to be created that are focused on a business or product. A listing can then be gained on search engines and products that are specific to a product or service. The individual web sites can be linked to each other, normally with a corporate or group web site. Use of more than one web sites will ultimately raise the ranking of the individual web sites to be higher than one large web site.

Reciprocal Links

An efficient way of raising the ranking of a web site is to ensure that there are many links to the site on other web sites. This can be done cooperatively through use of affiliate, partner, associate or link pages on web sites for businesses that work in partnership.

Meta Tune provide a money back warranty that the number of visitors and page views will be increased as a result of a redesign and tuning of meta-tags. Can you afford not to Meta Tune your web site?

Web Designers - Meta Tune are keen to work with web design companies to help them make successful web sites. Please contact us to establish how Meta Tune can improve the effectiveness of your web sites.

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